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The Phoenix rises.

On 22nd September 2021, PCO gathered together again for the first time in eighteen months. Covid 19 is still around, but we have to live with it. Members old and new, created A Cacophony of sound. New music meant every person was sight reading, so the result of our combined efforts was not exactly music to the ears of a bystander. Still, we had great fun under the expert leadership of our new musical director, Brian Wilshere. His deputy, Charlie Westbrook kindly bolstered our small violin section for the evening. We did some serious work, but also had some laughs. It appears our new boss has a propensity for breaking out in accents, both regional and international. Everyone seemed to have a great time, so next week we will head Onwards & Upwards. Several members couldn’t make this first week, so the cacophony should be even better next week. YES!!!

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